Telehealth Available

Telehealth consults are available from Monday March 30 2020.  You can book an appointment time and one of our GP’s will call you back for a consult over the phone or by video consult.  Please phone: 9398 7388 for an appointment or book online.

Following recent Medicare funding changes to Telehealth consults – if you are a new patient, or existing patient who has not attended our practice in the last 12 months, an upfront fee will be required to be paid prior to your phone/telehealth appointment.

How to maintain your mental and physical health during lock-down

Our world is fighting the COVID-19 virus and many countries across the world are either completely or partially shut down in a bid to protect and save lives. Over a billion people are now confined to their homes and staying fit and positive seems like an arduous task. Fortunately, we learn quickly and adapting to the new “stay at home” rule may be easier than you think. Here are some of the best ways we can stay healthy and help our community flatten the curve.

Creating a to-do list of your daily activities

Creating a to-do list of your daily activities can be beneficial for family productivity. A good way to start is by identifying daily and weekly chores including making beds, cleaning, laundry, and cooking and assigning them equally amongst your family or house-members. 

A good to-do-list can cultivate more social engagements and enhance collaborative learning. In a lockdown, a family to-do-list can put everyone on the same page and gives everyone the leverage to participate in decision making. It could be a good time for the parents to teach organizational skills, time management and the importance of planning to their kids. Here’s a list of 11 best to-do-list apps of 2020, that can be useful for families and households.

Train at home: Workout without going to the gym


This is a good time to get some exercise done and keep our body moving. A few ideas that anyone can incorporate in their daily routine, could be HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts. Social media is filled with these workout sessions, plus many HIIT workouts can be done without equipment. 

15 minutes of HIIT workout could be a good starting point. HIIT workouts are very effective to improve our cardio health as well as help to strengthen our muscles, burn fat and tone the body – all without leaving the house! However, it must be noted that HIIT workouts are not for everyone, as they can be VERY intense and shouldn’t be attempted unless you are already reasonably fit. We suggest working your way up with some more gentle exercise. Definitely do not attempt HIIT if you have any existing health issues.

Rediscover your childhood and skip!

Wouldn’t it be great to get your skipping ropes and have a challenge-session with your family? Skipping rope for 10 minutes can burn up to 100 calories. Follow this workout session by Crossrope Jump Ropes on Youtube and bring back your childhood skipping memories while you burn some serious calories.

Find your lost Hobby: Or create a new one.


Can you remember an activity that you enjoyed doing but couldn’t continue due to your busy life? I am sure, every one of us has had a hobby. Perhaps, this lockdown can be the best time to embrace your lost hobby or even cultivate a new one. An article by the Department of Health, Australian Government says that hobbies can help improve your mental wellbeing, reduce your blood pressure and create a sense of belonging. Research also suggests that having or finding an activity that we love is important to maintain a good mood, fight anxiety and depression as well as build relationships with others. 

Playing your old guitar could be a good start to doing something recreational that you can enjoy with your family, or you can be more productive by learning new software or knitting or gardening or even practicing your story-telling. Again, all things you can do at home without the need to go out.

Make use of your mat: Easy-to-do Yoga at home

You don’t have to hit a studio or meet a Guru to start your Yoga journey. Yoga can be surprisingly easy to do at home. With the colossal amounts of online materials available, it has become easier and accessible to improve your favorite asanas and learn new postures. You can download online tutorials or join virtual Yoga classes and practice with your entire family. Yoga sessions can be planned according to how you feel. For a more energetic vibe, a Power Yoga session could be best for you, or if you want to relieve your fatigue, a relaxing and restorative session is recommended. 

Adding a quick Yoga session to your morning routine brings a massive change in your body and soul. A piece of light relaxing music can create the perfect ambiance at your home and help you in some soul-searching. Here’s a quick cheat-sheet for beginners to kick-start your Yoga session right at your home.

Stay in Touch

Staying in touch with your family and friends contributes a lot to your good health, being happy and being more active. Although strict social distancing practices are enforced maintaining social connectivity is easier than ever with the advent of technology. All smartphones have video calling platforms and there are many other websites to choose from if you want to call or video chats with anyone around the world. 

A good way to deal with the lockdown is to add “a calling list” to your to-do-lists. The calling list can include your family members, workmates, friends staying overseas as well as neighbors. Staying in touch via phone or video calls is essential to maintain social relationships. We can update each other on our personal well-being, update on any important news as well keeping everyone informed with the latest COVID-19 updates.

Put the focus on your food

This lockdown gives us all the time to learn healthy cooking and healthy eating. While it could be a herculean task for many of us to ditch our favorite restaurants, healthy eating could be a lot easier and more fun than we thought. 

The cornerstone for healthy eating is a balanced diet. Although it could be tough to completely eliminate processed food, it is still possible to choose to eat healthier versions and food with lesser sugar content. The main focus should be on eating high-nutrient food with antioxidants and fiber and lots of veggies. For example, a Mediterranean Diet is a perfect example, with the right amount of healthy fats, minerals, and antioxidants. The feta and olive oil can give you healthy fats, salads can give vitamins and minerals and the meat to add the proteins. 

The other way to healthy eating is to count your nutrients and not your calories. Adding probiotics can improve your digestion and help to extract the nutrients for your body. A sound immune system is a necessity that could be enhanced by adding more garlic, sunflower seeds, yogurt, and citrus food. You can refer to this list of food that helps to boost your immune system.  

With all this said, keeping yourself healthy and fit at home during this stressful time may seem like a daunting task. But with a little imagination, discipline and dedication it is possible to emerge from this crisis with our physical and mental health intact.