Telehealth Available

Telehealth consults are available from Monday March 30 2020.  You can book an appointment time and one of our GP’s will call you back for a consult over the phone or by video consult.  Please phone: 9398 7388 for an appointment or book online.

Following recent Medicare funding changes to Telehealth consults – if you are a new patient, or existing patient who has not attended our practice in the last 12 months, an upfront fee will be required to be paid prior to your phone/telehealth appointment.


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Physiotherapist Gosnells

Mark has 33 years’ experience in several countries and has worked in sports clinics, private practices, alternative health clinics and multi-disciplinary clinics.
He is a physiotherapist to elite, national and local athletes in numerous sports including AFL, tennis, golf and triathlon.
Mark has physiotherapy expertise in back and necks, all soft tissue and overuse injuries and sports injuries, trained in various massage and bodywork methodologies, nutrition for weight loss and peak performance.
Mark incorporates a holistic approach to patient management.

Physiotherapist Gosnells

Claire McClelland

Our expert physiotherapist Claire completed her training at Brunel University London in 2004 and completed a post-graduate certificate in Musculoskeletal Medicine. Claire is an injury net registered provider. She also completed her Masters’ level training in Acupuncture and Dry Needling and has 15 years of post-graduate experience. Claire is experienced in helping patients to restore their body movements including movements of your legs and hands when affected by an injury or a disability. She also specialises in creating customized treatment and recovery plans that could include exercises based on your ability, manual therapy, guidance, and advice on dos and don’ts. With her experience working across various organizations, she can effectively help patients to recover from any age-groups and also help you to relieve pain and prevent further damage to your well-being.

Claire has worked in various settings including NHS working within Orthopaedics, Private Member Gyms, and a PGA Golf Club, and has 10 years of experience working in General Practice.  You may be eligible for fully bulk-billed sessions – ask your doctor for more information.

Areas of interest include:
  • Shoulder rehabilitation- This program is focused on strengthening and stretching your shoulder to help you recover faster from an injury or provide pain relief. Claire would suggest specific exercises to meet your rehabilitation goals.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation- This program is focused to provide assistance in your balance, vision, or overall body posture mainly caused due to dizziness. Claire specialises in providing physical therapies to your vestibular disorders and symptoms.
  • Low back pain- Claire can treat your back pain with great results by her manual therapies and exercises. She is experienced in providing back pain strategies and care exercises.
  • Neck Pain
  • Chronic pain
When not at work, Claire enjoys keeping fit and looking after her two children. For your consultation with Claire, contact us to make an appointment or call our clinic at (08) 9398 7388