Why not start 2016 with a Hearing Assessment?

Why is it important to have a Hearing Assessment?

Our ears a fascinating parts of our body that like most body parts, change with age. As we age, our hearing can deteriorate also, you may be asking your family to repeat things to you multiple times, or when in background noisy situations (such as a restaurant or shopping centre) you may be having difficulty understanding what is being said by your family and friends. This ageing of the ear process is known as Presbycusis.

The need for a hearing assessment does not always need to be associated with aging of the ear. If you are still working, having regular a hearing assessment is recommended, especially if you are employed in a noisy environment. This is because a noisy workplace may also be causing damage to your hearing (should appropriate noise protection not be worn). This is also known as Noise Induced hearing loss.

Even though you may not be experiencing hearing difficulties at this stage, it is recommended you have a hearing assessment to obtain a baseline. Once this baseline is obtained having 12 monthly regular hearing assessments keeps a monitor of your hearing health.

Hearing Aid Specialists SA is managed by Damien & Kylie Dicieri, a husband and wife team, who are very passionate about their industry and together have almost 30 year experience between them. Hearing Aid Specialists SA visit HealthSense Golden Grove. Please call (08) 8362 6099 to arrange a suitable appointment time for your FREE hearing assessment or consult with your GP at HealthSense Medical Centre on (08) 8251 3885.

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