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Family Medicine

Family Medicine is comprehensive primary healthcare provided for individuals and families across all ages, genders, diseases and conditions. Care is provided on a continuing basis with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion. Your family doctor is an important part of helping manage your family’s health and wellbeing.

Women’s Health

Women’s healthcare may include but is not limited to regular PAP screening, breast checks, referral for mammography, family planning options (including IUD insertion and removal), fertility counselling, and management of menopause. Lifestyle plays an important role in all women’s lives, with healthcare focused on prevention to maintain optimum health.  Our female doctors are registered for Antenatal Shared Care.

Men’s Health

Men’s healthcare may include but is not limited to prostate screening, family planning options, screening pathology tests and sexual health. Lifestyle plays an important role in all men’s lives and with healthcare focused on prevention to maintain optimum health.

Mental Health

A holistic approach to healthcare is important including physical, social, spiritual and mental health. Mental healthcare may include but is not limited to medication management, regular counselling, referral to allied health providers as well as preparation and ongoing management of GP mental healthcare plans.  When booking please mention to reception a long appointment will be needed.

Children & Adult Immunisations

Immunisation protects against a range of preventable diseases and infections. Childhood immunisations, catch up immunisations, travel immunisations and occupational health immunisations are amongst the range of immunisations provided.

Travel Medicine

It is important to be aware of the latest WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations for travel to any part of the world. Travel medicine has a focus on health promotion and may include travel vaccinations, up to date travel information, malaria prevention, education and awareness of the local culture or region to help prevent accidents and injuries.  We encourage you to book a long appointment.

Chronic Disease and GP Managed Care Plans

Comprehensive and individualised care plan can ensure that all aspects of chronic disease are managed including goals to achieve optimal health. Chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic pain are amongst the most common conditions that can be supported with the help of a care plan. Some care plan patients are eligible for referral to allied health providers at a subsidised cost.

Health Assessments for over 75’s

A comprehensive health check is recommended for all people aged 75 and over to identify any health issues and optimise quality of life. Areas assessed may include but are not limited to lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, and exercise.

Health Assessments for 45-49

A comprehensive health check is recommended for all people aged between 45-49 to identify any health issues and optimise quality of life. Areas assessed may include but are not limited to lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, and exercise.

Skin Cancer Clinic

We have a qualified Skin Cancer Doctor who can do full body skin checks and follow up with any skin lesion removals if necessary. A long appointment will be needed for a full body check.

Minor on-site procedures

Other minor procedures conducted by our doctors and nurses may include but are not limited to ‘freezing therapy for sunspots and warts, mole removals, treatment of abscesses, ear wax removal, ECG, Spirometry (lung test), and Oximetry (oxygen level).

Occupational Medicine and WorkCover Consultations

Some occupations have increased risk of injury or illness, and doctors specialising in occupational medicine aim to ensure that high standards of health and safety at work are maintained. Occupational medicine may include but is not limited to treatment, management and prevention of injuries, return to work planning, pre-employment medicals and WorkCover consultations. Our doctors are registered with InjuryNET. Our Dr Joshi is a registered Q-fever doctor.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Comprehensive and individualised care to ensure that all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health is managed to achieve optimal health outcomes.  We are able to register our patients with Close the Gap and perform relevant and necessary care plans for chronic disease.

Co-ordinated Veterans Care (CVC)

Our doctors participate in the CVC program which is the planned and coordinated health care mode for eligible Gold Card holders with one or more chronic conditions, complex care needs and who are at risk of unplanned hospitalisation.


Clinpath collection is our on-site blood collection agency.  The Clinpath Laboratories are well-respected, established pathology and managed by a high qualified team of medical, scientific and management staff.


Aim to develop, maintain and restore the movement and functional ability of the body.  Physiotherapist have a holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of patients.  Some ailments may include but are not limited to Chronic Physical Pain, Sports Injuries, Back & Neck Pain, Repetition Strain, posture advice and education, spinal disc assessment and spinal joint assessment and treatment.


Most hearing losses can be helped with hearing aids and you can discuss with the Audiometrist a free trial of hearing aids for 30 days. There are many different styles and models of hearing aids from manufacturers all over the world and these will be demonstrated on the day of the assessment.  Hearing Aid Specialists SA are accredited by the Office of Hearing Services to provide free hearing aids to pensioners and veterans.

Diabetes Educator

The educational approach to Diabetes is to prove knowledge and information for the best self-care living skills including awareness of when to seek extra support from the Diabetes Health team.  The topics covered around are around life with diabetes from newly diagnosed to commencing glucose monitoring, health living, appropriate food choices and benefits of daily exercise to commencing various injectable medications, the ups and downs of glucose and how to manage.


Podiatrists are able to treat a number of foot and ankle ailments.  A holistic approach is taken to ensure prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  Some of the more common foot problems that are diabetics, skin problems, calluses and corns, nail disorders (eg. Ingrown toenails), foot injuries, foot infections, and overuse injuries of the foot and ankle.


Within our surgery we have four psychologists to assist with a patient’s mental health. Both male, female and children’s psychology.


An accredited practicing dietitian (APD) is a specialist in the assessment of nutritional needs to assist individuals to meet unique goals or manage a wide range of diseases and health conditions. An APD can also help with day-to-day healthy eating through the translation of scientific health and nutrition information into practical advice. APDs commonly manage the nutritional aspects of health conditions including weight loss, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies or intolerances, renal disease, liver disease and eating disorders.

Exercise Physiologist

Exercise physiologists can treat medical conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries, poor mobility or range of motion, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, asthma, cardiovascular conditions and pre/post surgery rehabilitation. They can also advise on lifestyle/behavior change strategies to develop new healthy habits and inform you on how exercise relates to your conditions.